At Co-op Grocers we are committed to growing the food co-operative sector by supporting others to start a co-op in their local community. This can be a daunting proposition, and sometimes hard to know where to start. So we wanted to point people to some extremely useful resources that are available on the internet for free!

Start your own Food Co-op

The Blue Mountains Food Co-operative is one of the largest and longest running food co-operatives in Australia. In celebration of their 40th birthday, the Co-op published their “How to start a food co-op” e-book to support others on their co-operative journey.

The authority on Co-operatives

The Co-op Federation is a peak body for co-operatives in Australia. They publish the Co-operatives in Australia Manual that explains what co-operatives are and provides help for starting, running and closing co-operatives. A must-have resource for anyone in the Co-op sector.